This is a quick guide to start streaming Pedál on twitch. There is a lot of different ways to set this up and this guide will get you started.

1. Get an twitch account

If you have one you can skip to part 2. Go to twitch and sign up for an account (For free)


2. Get OBS Studio

Obs studio is the software used to send the stream to twitch.

Open Broadcaster Software®️ | OBS

Once it is downloaded, start it and you will see this:

We are going to be working here in the sources window to add the desktop capture and sound.

3. Setup audio sharing devices

Now here we need to hook some stuff up before we add it to the OBS, and it is different on Windows and macOS


Mac - 3.1 Install a virtual sound card

If you have a virtual sound card you trust you can skip this step.

BlackHole: Route Audio Between Apps

Mac - 3.2 Create a multi output device

<aside> ℹ️ You need a multi output device so the stream can get the sound that you would normally hear in your headphones or speaker.


We need to open the 'Audio Midi Setup' app on your mac. The easiest way to do this is with spotlight. Click on the magnifying glass in your menu bar, and search for Audio Midi Setup.